Friday, January 28, 2011

When a License Server Goes Down


5:30am, Sunday
Project is due Monday, 9am
The License Server has blown up and the designers can't run AutoCAD, Revit or some other Autodesk software.


Identify a new license 'server'. This could be any machine that is accessible on the network and can be 'pinged' by all Autodesk users.

Install the latest LMTools from the AutoCAD DVD or installation package

Send an email to 24/7.
Provide the following information:
Product Name(s)
Product Serial Number(s)
Server Name
Your contact information

Once you recieve the .lic file from Autodesk, point the LMTools to that file. This is found in LMTools under the Config Services tab and Path to License File.
In LMTools go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab. Press the Reread License button.
Confirm that the file is running under the Server Status, Perform Status Inquiry button.

Open the Autodesk products on the user machines, point to the new License server and they will connect.