Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Greatest Tools Never Used

When teaching AutoCAD I realize that there are many tools in AutoCAD which are underutilized. Here's my ongoing list:

Otrack (around since 2000i)
A button to the right of the OSNAP button. This tool uses your current osnaps to create alignment lines. Master the art of the "acquire" meaning to hover over the osnap point without clicking. Then return to you initial point to discover an alignment line!

MText (around since 2000)
Okay, with AutoCAD 2006 there is very little reason not to use MText. They have listened to our cries!

Fields (around since 2005)
Finally we can make a plotstamp that works! These are also useful when linked to a polyline and the area is displayed.

Tables (around since 2005)
Make a style. Make a table. That's the process. Remember that the size of the table is determined by the text size. Right clicking will give you many excel-like functions

Dynamic Blocks (around since 2006)
Don't think 'all or nothing' when it comes to this new tool. Just use the alignment and flip parameters and you'll be flying. Plus, the block editor is great for editing any blocks.


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